Monday, October 16, 2023

Sticker Shock

Usually in the spring and fall, I go through our entire house and make a list of stuff to stock up on.  We generally have a year's worth of...everything...on hand but at least twice a year I like to make sure our cupboards are full to overflowing.  I list everything from makeup and shampoo to kleenex, laundry soap, and canned/boxed food, etc on my list then we hit up the stores (Sam's Club, Walmart, Asian stores, etc) to buy everything at once.  Imagine my surprise when a small box of bandaids was over $8 and a jug of bleach was about the same price!  When we got home and took everything out of the bags, our usual $150 haul was around $300 this time.  That's insane!  It seems like the price of everything has skyrocketed, the customer is doing more work (I forgot we had to checkout our own items at Walmart--it took hubby and I a while to do this), and there are a lot of bare spaces where normal inventory should go (I wanted to get a cheap reflective vest for our car emergency kit and couldn't find it at the Dollar Tree which usually carries these things or Walmart). ayayay


  1. Items have gone up so much. There is not much that has not!
    Linda Practical Parsimony

  2. Yikes, I had no idea bleach was up so high. The last deal I got on Bandaids was about a year ago from Amazon.