Saturday, January 6, 2024

The First Week of the New Year...

...was a bit stormy!  In other news...

  • We are now up to four cats.  A big, new, black cat showed up a few days ago and while he is quite skittish, he is more than happy to stop by and eat breakfast with the other cats.
  • All of our guests have left so I spent yesterday cleaning and doing laundry and reorganizing the pantry and making a shopping list of the stuff we need to restock.  It was fun seeing family members we haven't seen in years!
  • I was flipping through the TV channels and landed on the reality show Extreme Cheapskates.  I watched an episode thinking I might learn something new but when I saw this part (a lady didn't want to pay for a dentist so had her husband yank out her aching tooth with pliers?!?) I figured that was enough reality TV for one day!
  • I found this lady on YouTube and she has a channel that is both hilarious and informative on the topic of menopause.
  • Here is some information a class-action lawsuit for Verizon customers.  Every once in a while I look through the current class action refunds list and sign up for anything I qualify for; it's nice getting an unexpected check in the mailbox every now and then.  There are a lot of class action rebate websites, here is one example.
  • Crime in my city continues to be as insane as usual (this week's example).  No wonder they set the TV show CSI in Las Vegas!


  1. Eactly how expensive is a tooth pulling? Not enough for me to have someone besides dentist pull my tooth! That is just crazy!
    I watched the video a dozen times before and it is just unbelievable. I had not read what he said afterwards.
    I could write a book on menopause. And, at 42! It is still going, symptoms and such.

    1. I think it is less than $200 to pull a tooth which is much less than the cost of an oral surgeon if part of the tooth breaks off when trying to yank it out with pliers! Plus I would gladly pay to have some sort of numbing agent so I don't feel the tooth being yanked out!