Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions (Or How Am I Going to Make My 400 Goals This Year?)

The answer is...I have no idea. On Thanksgiving I was a bit bored then I calculated that there were approximately 400 days between the day after Thanksgiving and the end of 2010 then I wrote out 400 (!) goals I wanted to accomplish by December 31, 2010. So now I have approximately 370 things still left to complete, many of which take money, and I have no idea how I will accomplish this very huge project.
This is an interesting project in many ways. First, its sheer size. I need to accomplish approximately one goal per day (or seven per week or 30 per month) to complete the list in the allotted time. Second, while these aren't exactly resolutions--I don't say "get healthy" for example--they are mostly one time tasks that will lead me in the direction of my goals like having a different physical activity to complete about every four days which (I hope) will allow me to end up healthier. Finally, I need to accomplish these goals with cash flow, definitely not with credit. I think if I were to add up the cost of completing each goal I would throw in the towel right now but surprisingly the first almost 30 goals have been easily achievable and really low cost--some things on the list I received for gifts, some trips will be paid for by work, some items I have found on really good sales. I think it is true what they say--once you have a definite direction the universe opens up and makes way for you. We'll see what the final outcome is. If you want to follow along on this adventure, or make a list of your own and would like me to link it to my 400 Goals blog, please add a comment below!

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