Saturday, January 2, 2010

Going Cash Only? Other People Are Too

I was happy to wake up to a new year and see these great articles about living cash only (apparently I am not the only weird person around here):
  • Family Saves With Cash. Although this is an older article, it just showed up on Consumerist today. I read the article and knew exactly what they were talking about because the same things have happened to me. Going into the grocery store with a set amount of money means you don't throw extras into your basket. Yes getting gas with cash is a pain but you also get a little more exercise because you need to walk into the store to pay. And no, I don't go to the mall randomly any more, I will just want to shop and since I don't have credit cards and don't want to spend my cash that is budgeted for other things, I simply skip the mall all together.

  • In Debt? Go Cash Only. I have heard this excuse many times.,,"we only use our credit cards for emergencies and always pay them off each month." But what happens if you lose your job, or you use your card to buy something you don't really need and then for some reason can't pay off the entire balance? No credit cards is the best way to go. If you have an emergency you should (duh) have an emergency fund to draw from. This is why Dave Ramsey says to get your starter emergency fund together then destroy your credit cards so that you will have some cash available if you have an emergency which is much better--for any emergency--then putting yourself into credit card debt.

  • Living on a Cash Only Diet. This article shows you that there are a number of reasons to go cash only and a number of challenges that come along with this change. The bottom line is that it can be done and lots of people are doing it.

  • Cash Only Medical Care. Not only is the public getting in on the cash-only craze, but so, apparently, are doctors.

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  1. Are you going to spend less on gas if you are paying in cash or will you be buying the same amount? I always fill my car to the top regardless of which method I use. Since I am, in theory, spending the same amount either way, it is much easier to just use plastic at the pump.

    I guess you could make the claim that you'll drive less because you're paying cash but that doesn't make sense to me. I drive only as much as I need to (around 8,000 miles a year) for my work and other short trips. I don't see how paying cash could reduce it any more.

    That said, if any local place was offering a discount for paying with cash instead of plastic at the pump... I would jump on that offer. The same logic applies, I am going to get the same amount of gas... if I can get it cheaper then I will do that.