Monday, April 26, 2010

No Spend Week--Day 1 Update

Money spent today: $0
For this entire week, I am going to attempt to spend no money at all. Today was the first of a two day training. Fortunately my ride to the class bought me a hot chocolate today which was really nice of her, then there were all kinds of snacks, beverages, lunch, dessert, and more snacks at the class so I ended up not needing to spend anything at all.
What I wanted to spend: $20 to register for college (will do this next week), $5 for a Baskin Robbins Blast (we like to stop by for a treat after meetings but I said it was getting late so we zipped right past the place--and saved us each $5), $10 for a battery for my cell phone which seems to be holding a charge for shorter and shorter periods of time (will buy this next week as well).
Seems odd to be out all day and not spend ANY money!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats! I know it takes A LOT of willpower! Like, I said earlier, I will try a no-spend weekend. But, I, likely, won't attempt until next month. I will be sure, though, to plan no entertainment activities with friends. However, I will be sure to plan to be a tourist in my own town because I feel it would be cheating to just stay home the entire weekend.

    I'll have to be sure to pack a lunch, though. LOL