Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No Spend Week--Day 2 Update

Money spent today: $0.
Today I had another full day of conference classes. A friend bought me my morning hot chocolate on the way to class and again, there was plenty of food all day at the conference. A late evening meeting right after the conference left me with no time to go anywhere or do anything that would require money.
What I wanted to spend: actually nothing today because I didn't have time to do anything but work although my friends at the conference all went to the student store (the conference was at a university) and bought cute pens. I didn't because #1 I didn't bring any money with me which kept me from buying, #2 I seriously didn't need to buy a pen (they were giving them away--not as cute mind you--by the handfuls at the conference), and #3 this is a no spend week and I didn't want to mess that up.
On a down note, a month or so ago we paid around $1000 to fix something important in hubby's car (like the engine) and today hubby took the car to the shop because it was making a weird noise when you turn the wheel and he got an estimate to fix the problem--for about $1400 :(


  1. How long is the conference? As far as the car goes, things seem to always go wrong when you are trying to get your finances in order.

    I can't remember, did you do the Dave Ramsey Debt reduction so that you have the baby emergency fund for the car?

  2. Check out my blog--I have decided to do my modified "No-spend plan" this weekend!

  3. Hi Mogul...I am heading over to check out your blog (I love your posts and writing style!). Also, I did have my baby emergency fund but spent $1000 LAST month to fix the car. And now it needs another big money fix. ayayay