Thursday, April 29, 2010

No Spend Week--Day 3 Update

Today (yesterday if you are looking at the date) I spent $0.
I had a morning breakfast meeting with a client who (yeah) bought me breakfast. I was then able to be home for lunch, went to another meeting, and got back in time to eat dinner at home.
What I wanted to buy: a haircut (I usually get my hair cut at the end of each month but since this is a no spend week, I will have to put this off until next week), a watermelon (the first of the was only 39 cents a pound but I can't spend so no watermelon this week :( ), and makeup (I am scraping the bottom of my powder and eyeliner but these items too will need to wait). Eating at home is definitely cheaper than eating out and, since this is a no spend week, I need to plan for each day. If I won't be home, I need to bring food and/or a beverage with me or else I will be out of luck (and hungry)...fortunately, food has been included in nearly every meeting I have had this week.

1 comment:

  1. It is cheaper to eat at home and easier on the waistline. Since I have been on my spending allowance, I notice that I can eat whatever I want now because I am not eating as much because I am asking myself if I really want that soda from the vending machine if it cost $1.25 and I only have $4.00 to spend for the day. Not being able to pull into a fast food drivethru anytime I want has also saved me calories.

    Also, I know about scraping the last of the makeup, LOL. I am clearing my house of everything but the essentials. I see a lot about the '100 Things Challenge' and while, I don't intent to go that far, I am reducing. So, I have decided not to buy any new makeup until I have used all that I have.

    Continued luck!