Thursday, April 29, 2010

No Spend Week--Day 4 Update

Another LONG day of meetings. Unfortunately, no breakfast/snack items were provided and during the break while everyone ran to the local deli to grab a snack, I stayed in the meeting room and drank (free) water. Lunch was paid for by the client, and I had a late dinner at home. I thought today would be the end of the challenge because my friend called to tell me her mom was having surgery at the university hospital so I hopped on a bus after the meeting and rode from Kent to the University of Washington. Fortunately, my prepaid transit card had just enough to get me from my meeting (which I carpooled to) to the University hospital to the ferry and back home. Now I have about $1 left on my transit card until I can spend money and recharge it.
What I wanted to buy: a mid morning snack/breakfast since I forgot to bring something with me, something from the University Bookstore (they have such cool office supplies there and I love office supplies) and some Indian food on the way home. But I held onto my money and didn't buy four days and I haven't spent ANY money :)

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