Saturday, May 1, 2010

No Spend Week--Day 6 Update

Today I spent $0! Six days, I can't believe it!
I actually stayed home all day recuperating from my very busy week. A friend rented a huge bus to take people from our city to downtown Seattle to participate in the immigration march but I was really wiped out so I didn't go, however that would have been a free thing to do today.
What I wanted to buy: everything! I am feeling really constrained by not being able to spend. Actually I wanted to do a Volksmarch today but the cost is $3 and I am not spending today so I couldn't go. Also, I was suddenly in desperate need of new clothes but again, I didn't go to the mall so I wouldn't be tempted to spend. This evening hubby wanted "something good" for dinner but I told him I had two days left of no spending so we ended up eating leftovers. It wasn't bad (free prime rib leftover dinners from yesterday's conference) but it is hard not to treat ourselves even at the local Wendy's (dollar menu of course).


  1. karen peissinger-venhausMay 2, 2010 at 7:03 AM

    "I am feeling really constrained by not being able to spend."

    I am so glad you made this statement. Perhaps this is what poor and very poor people feel when they have no money, all the while being assaulted with visions of "success and happiness" propagated by advertising media.

    Also, your statement shows how much spending money as a pursuit is ingrained in our society.

    As always, thank you for sharing your thoughts on your cash-only journey!

  2. Well, at least it's almost over. And your post have really given me inspiration and more than a a few ideas regarding money.