Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Spend Week--Day 7 Update. Challenge Completed.

Money spent today: 0
Finally! I can spend again! For some reason I have done no spend weeks before but I never felt so stressed about not spending. I think it may be because I didn't really prepare for this no spend week because the prior week was so crazy. Anyway, I am down to eating frozen fruit (because I didn't prepare ahead of time and buy enough fruit), I have one onion and one tomato left (ditto), my eye liner is a stubby stick and my face powder is scraping bottom, my hair is a frizzy mess because I put off my haircut by two weeks (too busy to get my hair cut the previous week and no money to pay for it last week), and my bus pass has $1 on it (again, I didn't recharge it prior to challenge) so I couldn't go anywhere on the bus yesterday.
The good things: I am sure I saved a lot of money this week. Today hubby and I spent an hour at Costco this afternoon eating free food samples. And, we are actually eating some of the food that has been stuffed into the back of cupboards and the fridge because we didn't go out and eat at all this week (other than food provided at work). I am also even more thankful that I actually have a job and money to spend and this challenge just reinforced how much we take for granted having the ability to run out to the store and buy anything we need (people in many poor countries don't have this luxury).
Overall the challenge went well and I may even try doing a no spend week once a month (we seriously have enough stuff to tide us over for a week of no spending, it's just that I want NEW stuff, not OLD stuff when it comes to food, clothing, etc).
p.s. Thanks to all who made comments that kept my spirits up through the challenge!!!

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  1. I'm glad you were able to stick to your plan! Congrats! Preparation is always the major issue for someone trying to get control of his/her spending. Preparation can make or break a spending plan and is probably one of the main reasons why people give up. I'm gald you made it the entire week. I know temptation must have been brutal at some points.

    It's amazing how we are just CONDITIONED to spend money. We WANT to spend money just because we haven't spend it in a while. An effect of our consumerism society, I guess.