Saturday, July 31, 2010

Results of My Health Month

Here's an update on my goal list:

Day 21
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: blueberries, granola with raisins and milk
--snack: watermelon, dried apricots
--lunch: prime rib skillet
--dinner: chicken, rice, beans, pickles
--dessert: corn chips, watermelon

Day 22
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: scrambled eggs, red potatoes
--snack: strawberry smoothie
--lunch: rice, dahl, chicken tikka masala, kheer (Indian Restaurant buffet)
--snack: corn chex and milk
--dinner: tiny bit of chicken, baked beans, corn, peas

Day 23
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: banana, corn chex and milk
--lunch: pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy
--snack: watermelon, corn chips, granola bar
--dinner: turkey and swiss rollups, tomatoes
--dessert: granola and yogurt

Day 24
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: kiwi, corn chex and milk
--lunch: tiny piece of steak, salad, potato salad
--snack: watermelon, corn chips
--dinner: fried rice, rice noodles, chicken, green beans, bok choy, stir fried broccoli

Day 25
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: corn chex and milk
--lunch: two thai spring rolls
--snack: corn chips and salsa
--dinner: cottage cheese, shrimp
--dessert: popcorn

Day 26
--took all vitamins
--lunch: fish, chips, coleslaw
--snack: strawberry smoothie, cottage cheese
--dinner: corn chex and milk

Day 27
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: kiwi, corn chex and milk
--snack: strawberry smoothie
--lunch: tiny piece of steak, potato, scrambled eggs
--snack: corn chips, granola bar
--dinner: cottage cheese, turkey and swiss roll ups, tomatoes, cucumbers
--dessert: dates

Day 28
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: kiwi, corn chex and milk
--lunch: granola bar, applesauce
--snack: granola bar, applesauce
--snack: cucumbers, tomatoes, turkey and swiss roll ups
--dinner: corn chex and milk

Day 29
--took all vitamins
--lunch: hot sour soup, shrimp fried rice, shrimp ball dim sum, sweet bean cakes
--dinner: corn chex and milk
--dessert: dates

Day 30
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: 1/2 apple, corn chex and milk
--lunch: cottage cheese with dill, raw vegies, granola with raisins and milk
--snack: strawberry smoothie, granola bar
--dessert: popcorn (at the movies)

Day 31
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: 1/2 apple, cheddar and onion omelet
--snack: granola bar
--lunch: salmon and salad
--snack: strawberry smoothie
--dinner: chicken, rice, steamed vegetables

So that's goal #30 completed
I also completed goal #28, get a physical, last week and all was well
My ending stats include: lost four pounds, blood sugar was 84, and blood pressure was 126/80.

Here's what I learned:
  • I totally fell of the exercise wagon the last 11 days. Somehow I need to incorporate more movement into my day because I just can't seem to set aside a particular time to exercise.
  • I saved probably $150 by not going to Starbucks daily.
  • I did take my vitamins every day and this cured my anemia.
  • Looking at my food log, it has Aspergers written all over it. I tend to go on "food kicks" and can literally eat the exact same foods every day for a month. I need to change this.
  • I love fruit but seriously need to eat more vegetables.
  • It is HARD to lose weight! Now I know why people are so's easier and much more enjoyable to eat what you want.
  • I didn't eat any wheat and I think this improved my digestion.
  • Overall, an interesting experiment, I've never logged my food before.
  • I wish I would have lost more weight!

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