Monday, August 2, 2010

Goal #2 Completed--Go to Tillicum Village

When I made my goal list, I added some local things to do because while we often travel across the country to do "touristy things", we have plenty of great tourist attractions in our own back yard that we have never visited before (in over 25 years!!). One of the local attractions we have often thought about visiting but just never got around to is the cruise, salmon dinner, and Indian dance show at Tillicum Village on Blake Island. I purchased the tickets a month in advance because they had a special going where if you booked a month in advance, you got $40 off the price (I want to achieve all of my goals but I need to do so as cheaply as possible!). It was a beautiful sunny day for the cruise, the dancing was nice, and the dinner was pretty good--I even ate bison for the first time. Goal #2, visit Tillicum Village--completed :)

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