Saturday, August 14, 2010

Great Deals

Here's some great deals I recently came across...
  • This weekend, entrance fees to our National Parks will be waived. What better way to enjoy a late summer weekend than at a national park? Check here for future fee free days thanks to the NPS.
  • Tomorrow, August 15th, the new overdraft legislation goes into affect. If you want to have your bank cover your bounced checks, you will need to officially "opt in" in order to be covered. This may be a great deal, depending on if you tend to bounce checks.
  • I'm filling out my form today to get a $75 "cash for appliance clunkers" program. You need to Google 'cash for appliances' and then your state as each state is administering this program separately. I checked out the Washington state site and found that while the refrigerator rebate wasn't so great (only $75, however we had already sold our old fridge for $400 on CraigsList), we haven't yet been able to sell the old dishwasher so getting a $75 rebate for it will be great!
  • One of my favorite outdoor stores, REI, is having a 20% off one item at their online outlet store sale. I am looking at getting a bike (to complete my goal of biking from Canada to Mexico in the spring) and with the already discounted outlet price along with an extra 20% off, the $500 bike will cost around $300! Check it out here.

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