Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot Links: My Gifts to You Edition

Here's some random links that are so good, consider these my small gifts to you:
  • A gift of beauty: Color Me Katie's blog (she is an AMAZING photographer and her pictures always make me feel happier. I hope you like them too)
  • A gift of wisdom: 18 Great Reads that Changed My Life (I have read most of the books that Marc writes about in this post but his other links are AWESOME. I started reading and couldn't put down my computer. These links will help make your life better)
  • A gift of humor: Although this was probably one of the worst days of this guy's life, the visual you will get after reading the article is priceless. I think the next time I leave a job, it will be with a flourish. Like this.
  • A gift of justification: While it isn't necessary to justify our frugal lifestyles because, hey, we have each other and being frugal is actually fun, I was happy to see an article featuring Tammy in the NYT today. Her blog is pretty awesome too. Check it out here.

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