Saturday, October 2, 2010

Goal #21 Completed--Went to the Dave Ramsey Live Event

And the goals keep getting checked off! Today I went to the Dave Ramsey Live event in Atlanta. This, by the way, was #21 on my goal list.
I love Dave Ramsey! He is an amazing speaker and just as good in person as he is on the radio and TV. There were thousands of people there at the arena and I am happy to report that many of them were younger people--a hopeful thing to think that many young people, if they follow Dave's advice, won't have to go through years of financial drama like many of the boomers and post-boomers did because we were exposed to massive amounts of credit debt without the knowledge of how to deal responsibly with such things.
Anyway, I had two tickets to the event and hubby decided at the last minute to go to the weekend poker game with the guys (he doesn't actually hate Dave, he just says he is tired of listening to him, yet when I overhear him talking to the kids, he practically quotes Dave verbatim on all things financial...go figure). So my sister in law decided to go with me even though she had never heard of Dave Ramsey. Some four hours later, I can't say she was exactly impressed with the show--she is fairly beyond needing financial advice because she has plenty of money and seems to manage it well--but at least she was paying attention and taking notes in the workbook. Her only comment after the show was that he was excessively loud. The crowd didn't seem to mind as it was practically a cheer-fest every time he said something. I just love Dave-isms such as "your FICO score is your I love debt score." It seemed like most of the audience were already Dave fans as they cheered on cue and knew everything he was alluding to without requiring explanation.
Overall this was a great event and I am even more determined to complete our debt snowball as quickly as possible so I can start to pay off the house ASAP!

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