Friday, October 1, 2010

Goal #3 Completed--Visit Atlanta

Well, we're off on our big vacation. Our first stop is Atlanta to visit my sister-in-law and to go to the Dave Ramsey Live Event which will take place tomorrow. Fortunately, this stop allows me to get back to checking things off my goal list as well.
Officially, goal #3, visit Atlanta, is completed even though the only thing we have seen so far is a restaurant, an amazing Asian grocery store, and Costco. So far we have spent literally NOTHING on this trip. The ride to the airport was free, we brought food with us to eat on the flight, beverages were free on the plane, the SIL treated us to a nice restaurant meal for dinner, and we are staying free of charge for ten days at the SIL's huge, beautiful home.
The only "culture shock" so far has been shopping with hubby's sister who is fairly wealthy. She wanted to pick up "some" food at Costco since she lives by herself and always eats out so didn't have any food at home (hubby likes to cook and she loves his cooking). She literally NEVER looks at prices when she shops which is quite unusual for us. We compare prices on EVERYTHING we buy, and if something is too expensive we just don't buy it. She was throwing stuff in the cart left and right and didn't even notice that the steak was $10 a pound. Hubby had this weird expression on his face both at the meat counter and at the checkout stand, since what she spent on one cart of groceries was more than we spend in two weeks. Anyway, we are on vacation so we decided to just enjoy her generosity and try not to comment too much.
Meanwhile, when she is at work in the city, we have a long list of free things to do in Atlanta garnered from the internet which should keep us more than busy during our stay, and even though we have a car at our disposal, we will probably just get public transit passes as this is the easiest way we have found to navigate cities when we travel (plus we don't have to worry about getting lost, parking, etc).

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