Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting to Know Me

Here's a little trend I noticed in the blogosphere the last couple of days...the Getting to Know Me Post. Basically you tell about yourself in A to Z format like I will do below (inspired by Shaking the Money Tree and Out My Window). So this is me...

A--Age: 44
B--Bed size: Queen (but hubby and I can fit in a twin if necessary...we are cuddly like that)
C--Chore I hate: cleaning bathrooms. Yuck. Gross.
D--Dogs: none (we travel too much but I do like German Shepherds and Akitas)
E--Essential start of my day: Japanese green tea and email
F--Favorite color: green
G--Gold or silver: gold
H--Height: 5'3"
I--Instruments played: none (but I can sing. And I always wanted to play the piano)
J--Job: none (kind of on sabbatical now. My usual job is to own businesses and start non profits)
K--Kids: five step kids (who are all awesome)
L--Live: Usually Seattle, now travelling and deciding where to live next.
M--Mother: Mary
N--Nickname: none
O--Overnight hospital stays: none (knock on wood)
P--Pet peeve: bad customer service
Q--Quote: "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...and I chose the one less taken" Robert Frost
R--Right or Left: right
S--Siblings: three
T--Time you wake up: between 7am and 8am
U--Underwear: thong (I don't like panty lines)
V--Vegie I dislike: Brussels sprouts and okra
W--What makes me run late: being online
X--X rays I've had: dental...that's all
Y--Yummy food I make: granola, yogurt, pie, brownies, chocolate chip cookies
Z--Zoo animal: elephant

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