Sunday, May 15, 2011


For the first time in months, I actually splurged on something I wanted. My weakness is notebooks. Getting a new notebook with crisp, clean pages is so exciting I can barely contain myself! A new notebook means inspiration and new beginnings and...well I guess unless you feel the same, listening to someone wax poetic about paper is probably a bit odd. For others with this same affliction, there is even a website for us...check it out here.

So I was at the mall and I needed some inspiration. I have exactly 40 days to get in shape before we go to Las Vegas. After our first month in Atlanta during which I exercised every day, I have really slacked off. Add to that the mountains of yummy food hubby cooks daily and more snacks in the pantry than you would find in a convenience store and, well, let's just say that even my "fat clothes" are getting tight.

I was at my favorite store (Barnes and Noble) and I was lost in their huge notebook section and I figured that if I got a new notebook I could track my efforts to get in shape and lose weight during the next 40 days. There were plenty to choose from ranging from expensive (about $10 each) to super expensive (around $20 each). I saw the notebook pictured above and just had to have it. It is a Moleskein notebook designed specifically to log your health and fitness and food and goals and...basically everything I wanted to do. I was sold. I did have a coupon for B&N which came in my email box but it was only for 13% off. Eighteen dollars and ninety five cents later I left the store with my new notebook in hand, properly motivated (I hope) to make some significant changes to my health in the next six weeks.

Of course I could justify my splurge...I figure that if I don't have anything from Starbucks (another unfortunate weekly habit) for the next 40 days I will have more than saved the cost of the notebook...too bad I can't justify the $189 Marc Jacobs bag I saw at Nordstroms!


  1. I am a huge notebook/notepad addict. I agree. Perhaps it simulates that rush of 'new school supplies' that I have such fond memories of as a child.

  2. I totally know what you mean re: notebooks! I still vacillate between Google Calendar and my Moleskine weekly planner with notes pages. I just wished Moleskine used environmentally-certified paper (e.g., the European equivalent of the Forestry Stewardship Council certification) or recycled-content paper.

    Check out this Flickr feed of what people do with their Moleskines:

  3. Keeping track of your health and fitness goals in a notebook works. I've been doing it for several months in a small notebook I take wherever I go. Good luck on meeting your goals!

  4. I'm with you! I love a good notebook! Your looks like it'll come in very useful for you!! :)

  5. OMG! I'm not the only one! That's what I thought when I saw your comments waiting for me about this post. No one I know is as crazy about paper and notebooks as I am so it was nice to hear that others are the same way! Thanks!