Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Quick Goal List Update

I finally got around to updating my goal list. I am a little disappointed that I am half way through the year and have only completed ten out of 44 goals! :(  I guess I should have planned better as many goals require a lot of time and nearly all of the goals require a lot of money!  I will keep plugging away on the list but maybe next year I will aim for a list of more realistic goals...


  1. Nice making goal plan..I hope that your plan will be helped u in future..

  2. I would just carry them over!! It's an amazing (but HEFTY!) list! I think you're doing awesome! And I bet you can still get more crossed off!! There's still over 3 months left! Go through the list & choose the goals you'd LOVE to reach this year & go from there! :)