Thursday, October 6, 2011

Moving to Vegas...Here's How Much It Has Cost So Far

We are a week into our move to Las Vegas.  (Don't get me started on the fact that it has been raining since we got here...I'm from Seattle and expected much better weather!).  We have been looking at houses for two days and they are all becoming a blur but hopefully we will find something to make an offer on before we leave for Connecticut next week.  Here's how much our move cost:
  • First, and pretty importantly, hubby has a bunch of cousins here so we have a place to stay for free while we are shopping for a house.
  • We rented a 15' Budget rental truck and car carrier for the move.  Doing it ourselves was much cheaper than hiring a moving company.  I also checked the rates for U Haul and PODS but both were more expensive (note: PODS would have cost about the same but we would have still had to drive our car down so the cost for gas would have put the price higher than doing it the way we did).  Cost for the truck: $972.02.  Cost for the gas: $599.26.  Cost for the hotel (we drove the whole distance in two days, stopping overnight at Motel 6 after 14 HOURS of driving on the first day): $44.70.
  • We loaded all of our stuff from our storage shed into the truck ourselves with the help of a couple of (very nice) friends.  We had some unused restaurant gift certificates for some nice restaurants in Seattle so we gave them these as payment.
  • When we got to Las Vegas, a cousin referred us to the storage company she uses so we got our first month free.  The cost of the storage shed (10x10) is $75 a month which is $20 more than we were paying in our old location but it is bigger and it is air conditioned so I guess that's why it cost more.  Hopefully we will be able to close the house sale within two months so that would be $75 for two months!
  • Hubby and I unpacked the moving truck ourselves and loaded the stuff into the storage shed (it took A LOT of work!).  Hubby keeps reminding me he is 62 and shouldn't be doing this but we were too cheap to go find some day laborers to do the job for us so slowly but surely we eventually got the truck unloaded. 
  • We have been cooking at home so this is saving some money but it is hard to eat all three meals at home while we are guests.  I think when we move to our new place I will eat at home for a solid month since this is something I miss because of traveling so much.
So that's the cost of our move so far.  A cheaper way to move would have been to sell everything and drive down with people found on CraigsList to share the cost of gas but the stuff we had in storage would cost much more than the $1700 that we have spent so far to replace once we get moved.
tl;dr  Moving is hard work and not cheap.


  1. That does sound like hard work! I hope you two find something you like.

  2. The last time we moved, we were both 40 and it was really hard to do it all ourselves. Now it's 13 years later and we plan to move in 2 years. We'll just have to hire pro movers which I know will cost a lot. Not looking forward to it. BTW, your hubby looks great for 62! Have a good trip east. We're having a stretch of good weather here!

  3. Hi Lorraine, Actually when we were heading over to the storage unit, our cousins said to pick up a couple of day laborers to move our stuff who we could find waiting around outside of Home Depot. I thought they were joking but it was true--every day a group of Hispanic guys hang around outside of most of the Home Depots (and other home improvement stores I assume) waiting for someone to ask them to do day labor. It would have saved us a lot of hard work to watch people move our stuff instead of doing it ourselves and apparently it only costs about $20 for a couple of hours of work! Just an idea for your next move...