Saturday, October 8, 2011

Past Good Deeds Can Really Pay Off!

Since the house finding in Las Vegas is taking longer than expected--it would go faster if people would quit beating us to putting in their bids on the houses WE want--we may end up cancelling our trip to Connecticut and just stay here in Las Vegas until we end up with an actual house to move in to. 
Yesterday the hubby asked his cousin if she would mind if we stayed with her for another week or so until we find an apartment to rent for a few months and she said she wouldn't hear of it--until we move into our house we are staying with her.  He of course thanked her and apologized for the inconvenience but she said "you remember those years ago when April helped me out?  This won't even come close to paying her back."  Wow.  I didn't even remember being much help to her but I did help her out during her divorce (some 20 years ago...which I had totally forgot about) and she stayed at our house for a couple of months while she was getting back on her feet (something else I had totally forgot about).
And then it dawned on me that everyone we have stayed with this past year had mentioned something similar to us.  Hubby's sister commented on how he had helped put her through college (40 years ago! Hubby can barely remember last month so he didn't even remember this), his cousin that we stayed with in Seattle mentioned how he and his family had stayed with us for a couple of months (again, many years ago) while their house was being built, and my friend in Japan mentioned the time she and a friend stayed at my house during her travels to the US and the time I met her in San Diego and took her around California to see the sites.
The odd thing is that I barely remembered these things and we certainly didn't expect to be "paid back" for doing any of these things.  Doing favors for people or helping people out when needed is something I learned as a kid from my mother and grandparents who were all very giving (even though they had very little to give).  Back then it was called 'being neighborly'.  So I guess the moral of this post is that while helping people out should be done willingly and without regard for any payback, the universe/karma is quite good about bringing the payback back around...even if it is many years later.  Wow.  Amazing.


  1. What a wonderful thing. I hope you find a place soon.


  2. Good Karma is always a good thing!! :)

  3. According to the Hindu Dharma as Buddha or the Universal Law, our past good deeds will pay off and sometimes the most unexpected.

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