Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 1 of My Money Challenge

My challenge this month is to do something every day to try to earn a total of $1000 during the month of November.  Here's what I did today:
  • We stopped and paid for our monthly rent at the storage shed place today and I talked to the lady at the desk and told her that I live really close by and if she has any customers who need help loading or unloading their storage shed to give me a call.  I left her my name and number and hope people will call. Not only is it good exercise but I can make some money too!
  • I applied online to work at the Thomas and Mack Center.  This is the stadium at UNLV and it is an on-call/part-time job working in the ticket or concession stands.  Again, another simple way to make money yet I am not tied down to a 9-5 job.
  • Also at the storage shed I dug my old laptop and old netbook out and posted them both on Craigslist.  I hope they sell!!!
  • Today NaNoWRiMo begins.  While I probably won't complete my novel this month, I plan to work on it a bit each evening.
  • Today I am working on one of my most visited websites.  It makes OK money from Adsense but I am redoing the entire site so it will look better and I will also put a better array of ads on it so hopefully it will make even more money!
And some free stuff:
  • One of hubby's cousins took us to Famous Dave's for lunch--her treat--which was a nice surprise. 
  • An even better surprise was that after lunch the manager of the restaurant gave us scratch off tickets and both hubby and I won two free entrees next time we go there.  I love barbecue (I just don't like to pay high restaurant prices to have it!).
  • Hubby's sister in Atlanta told us to come to her place and stay as long as we want--free of charge.  Nice sister!  But hubby really likes it in Las Vegas so we will probably stay here.  It was a really nice offer, however. 
  • We decided we want to find an apartment in Las Vegas until we move into a house so we looked at some senior apartment options then at lunch, hubby's cousin offered us her condo for as long as we want it since she will be going back to her regular house in San Francisco next month.  We would have to pay $600 a month which is a good price (and it is less than she actually pays for this condo each month as she bought it when prices in Las Vegas were sky high).  We told her that we want her to rent it out so she could get a better price for it to at least cover her expenses but she said it would be fine because she may want to come back later in the summer and didn't want the hassle of a regular tenant with a lease.  This may be the way we go until we get our house situation straightened out.  Plus just today she is getting all of the floors redone in a nice tile which is supposed to keep the place cooler in summer. Nice! 
So the running total of money earned this month is a big, fat 0...but hopefully the things I did today will lead to some earnings.


  1. Good job on trying! I hope someone calls.

  2. I think you have an awesome guardian angel watching over you. 0:)

  3. Lorraine, You are right! I have been thinking the same thing this entire year as we go about with no particular destination in mind and all kinds of wonderful, interesting things fall into our laps!!