Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 16 of My Money Challenge, Two Links, and an Update

First for my money challenge:
  • I am writing an article today that I will submit to Freelance Switch tomorrow.
  • I got an email from a client that I had contacted at the beginning of this challenge asking if they would like their website given a fresh new look for $150 and she just emailed back and said her Board said to go for it!  So that will be my main project this week.
  • I relisted my laptop on CraigsList yet again at a lower price (I want to get it sold!)
Some useful links:
And an Update:
  • I may not be making much at this money challenge yet but I think that it really helps that I am doing something towards earning money everyday and while it may not pay off immediately, eventually the money will start coming in (I hope).  I think that after this month is finished I will continue to do something--even something small--towards earning money everyday single day.
  • The light system is all messed up on our van.  It appears that the brake lights and other lights only want to work when they want to work and that isn't all the time.  I am Googling now to find out what the problem may be so hopefully we can fix it ourselves but if not, it will need to go to the shop tomorrow :(
  • I am doing the 30 Days of Indie Travel Project on my other blog and it is fun.  It's always exciting to check the website and see what the new question for the day will be.  I am thinking about doing something like this for the month of December related to money.
  • Finally, did you know that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK??  For some reason I was thinking it was two weeks away but it isn't. Yikes!  Where did this month go??  I offered to cook dinner for all of the cousins and they will decide this week what they want to do (they usually just go to a restaurant).  I think it is hard to get in the holiday spirit when it is warm and sunny outside as opposed to cold and gray like it is in the Pacific Northwest at this time of year.

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