Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 17 of My Money Challenge, Money Saved, and I Love the Goodwill

First for my money challenge:
  • Today I put together a new website for a client.  For about five hour's work I will be able to bill $150!
And I saved some money today:
  • I was perusing the TMobile website and they had an awesome special--a new 4g MyTouch Slide cell phone for FREE if you sign up for two years of service.  I really really want that cell phone but I just couldn't bring myself to sign up for a plan which would cost me an extra $80 a month for TWO YEARS just to get the phone.  Right now our pre-paid plan gives us talk, text, and 2g of internet per month for $60 for two phones.  If we were to get the family TMobile plan and two new phones it would cost $140 a month.  that's almost a $2000 difference over the course of two years--for that price I can go on eBay and buy a new cell phone!
And I love the Goodwill:
  • I need some pants so yesterday I went to Ross but couldn't find anything.  There were a couple of pairs of pants that I liked but at more than $20 each, that was way too much.  So today the hubby and I went to the Goodwill and for a grand total of $20 I got two pairs of jeans (a pair of Levis and a pair of JJill jeans which are like $90 in their boutique stores!), two t shirts, a sweater and a zip up hoodie.  Hubby said I should shop there more often--first because it saves us a ton of money and second because he knows that whenever I buy new clothes I like to wash them a few times before I wear them (I don't like the feel of "new" clothes).

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