Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 24 of My Money Challenge

Since today (technically yesterday since I didn't touch my computer on Thanksgiving) was Thanksgiving, I took the day off from my money challenge, however, I think I may have talked my way OUT of work that I had to do for a friend.  I called up the friend that I had talked to just the day before (the one that wanted me to do some contract work for her) to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving and we got to chatting and I mentioned that the project she wanted done (she wanted me to make one of the local entities that she works with a non profit) probably shouldn't be done at this time (it's kind of a convoluted mess but the AG's office is still working on some things regarding how the state will work with the entity).  She agreed with me that it didn't make sense to have the (I am guessing cash-strapped) organization spend a pretty big chunk of money on something that may not even be necessary.  So now I think I won't be making any money on the job I was hoping would make me a good-sized chunk of money.  Oh well.  Maybe I will get some sort of good karma for doing the right thing... 

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