Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 29 of My Money Challenge...And Some Other Stuff

Today I actually DID something for my money challenge:
  • I wrote an article and sent it off to Dollar Stretcher (I hope they buy it!).
  • Also, I received emails back from Freelance Switch saying that they will buy another of the articles I sent them but not buy the last article I sent...win some, lose some I guess!
And some other stuff:
  • The money challenge will be over tomorrow so I will post a recap on Thursday.
  • It is me and the hubby's anniversary tomorrow (21 years married and exactly 25 years together!).
  • I found a new social media site that I just love (and I don't usually think social media sites are very great).  It is new and called Chime In and the people on the site seem very nice (and for some reason many appear to be professional photographers because the photos they post are AMAZING!).  Check it out.
  • We will go to the SIL's wedding this weekend in Tennessee.  It should be fun but I heard it is snowing there.  Eekkk
  • When we get back we will move into the condo. Yeah!  Our first place in nearly a year!
  • I was so annoyed with The Palms poker room management today.  Hubby had purposely played there enough to qualify for a "freeroll" tournament and the tournament was supposed to be held today.  He was nearly guaranteed a minimum of $200 and if he did well, $1000.  Without warning the tournament was postponed (they couldn't find a room to hold the tournament in.  Really? In the entire huge casino?).  There have been some other wonky issues there too which just really annoyed me (and the many other players who came in today expecting to play in the tournament).  So hubby went to play at a different casino today and apparently so did ALL of the other poker players because when we went by in the afternoon and again in the evening on our way to dinner, there wasn't a soul playing there.  Serves them right!

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  1. Congrats on selling the article! And on the condo, I know it will be nice to have a permanent place for awhile