Monday, November 28, 2011

Just When I Was Going to Have a Pity Party...

I was feeling like a failure after I wrote the last post about not doing anything for my money challenge today or yesterday then I read through my blogroll and found that...
It is wonderful being in the company of so many awesome bloggers.  Thank you all for being so inspiring!!


  1. I know I had just been talking about selling stock and what to do with it then morrison put that post up and I had to share it

    Love all the links you posted

  2. April, My husband, daughter and I watched that 60 minutes report on the homeless families in Orlando! That's where we plan on moving to! We didn't know the job situation was that bad there. I didn't get any sleep that night and my husband said it freaked him out too. I don't understand why we have families living in cars in America. Feeling very fortunate after seeing that, I went through my closet and filled up another big bag of clothes and brought it to the SA. When is our country going to get its sh*t together?

  3. Lorraine, I know what you mean. We were pretty shocked at the poverty in Las Vegas--no wonder real estate is so cheap here, no one here can afford to buy! I am also a little unhappy that I keep seeing amazing job offers from Seattle that come in my email when it seems like no one can find a job here.
    Judy, Thank YOU for the post--I wouldn't have seen it otherwise!