Monday, November 28, 2011

Days 27 and 28 of My Money Challenge: The Fail Edition

I have to admit that yesterday and today were a total fail with the money challenge, I didn't do anything to make money but I have found that I am very good at spending money...unfortunately.  The reason I didn't get busy doing something productive, like writing some articles to submit or working on my Kickstarter application, was because a mix of Cyber Sunday sales along with a bout of tech envy propelled me to Walmart and Best Buy yesterday where I bought a new camera and a new cell phone that I ended up playing with all day instead of doing something productive. Bummer. 
I did get a great price on the camera (regularly $229, on sale for $129 then because I had to wait in line so long to pick it up, the nice guy at Best Buy gave me an extra $20 discount PLUS I will get a $10 Best Buy gift card in the mail for picking the camera up instead of having it mailed).  So I got the camera (plus a free 4mg memory card and free camera bag) for about $100 and it is supposed to be a really excellent camera (the camera I got just a couple of months ago doesn't really take clear pictures so I will send it to the son in the Philippines where he can use it or sell it if he wants to make some money). 
The cell phone was an OK $199 it isn't a super sale price but I didn't need to get a two year contract for it either.  It is supposed to be a very good phone, and they seem to be sold out at Amazon and most of the Walmarts I checked (the Walmart I went to had this one hiding behind other phones).  I did have to go up from my $30 a month plan to the $50 a month unlimited plan so, financially speaking this wasn't such a great move, but sometimes I get the "I WANT IT" mentality...and hubby just rolls his eyes (at least hubby is happy with getting my old cell phone which is much better than the phone he was using...).  See, I can justify just about anything!

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