Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4 of my Money Challenge

I didn't do much today (not for lack of stuff to do but just because I'm feeling lazy)...
  • I got a response back from one of my website clients who agreed that their website is looking dated so she said that at their next Board meeting she will ask for money to pay me to redesign their site.
  • I started a new blog featuring...the Hubby!  He is an amazing cook and people are always asking for recipes for the Filipino food that he cooks.  I think after a bit of work (and a bunch of posts) this website could actually make a bit of money.
  • I checked AdSense today and with the new design of my other website and adding more ads to it, I actually doubled my usual daily income in AdSense from that site. Yippee!
  • I updated my '50 Ideas for Making Money' post so that I could keep track of the things I had tried.
  • I'm still trying to think of how to put together a Kickstarter campaign.  I know I want to use it to fund the writing and publishing of a non profit book that friend and I have been thinking about writing but I need to make it SNAP so we can get enough sponsors to cover the publication costs.


  1. Good job!!! :) Wish my hubby could cook! And toast doesn't count... ;) lol!