Saturday, December 17, 2011

Home Sweet One Bedroom Condo

We are finally settled into our new place and EVERYTHING has been put away!  Here's a picture of the living room.  It's a small, one bedroom, one bath place but it is the perfect size for us.  In fact, we have decided to buy a two bedroom house instead of a three or four bedroom house as we had planned (actually that was our initial plan when we sold our last house--downsize and minimize so that we would save money on not only heating a cooling but also on decorating and furniture). 
Like many times before, when we were making offers on houses here in Las Vegas we kind of got carried away with the "if two bedrooms are good than three or four would be better" thing so I am glad we put our home buying on hold for a few months so we could have a bit of time to realize that we want to spend a lot less money and time on a house so that we will have a lot more money and time to do the things we want to do like travel. 
Anyway, I am really happy with this little place (except for the part about sharing a bathroom and closet with the hubby--definitely need two bathrooms and two separate closets in the new place!), the price is super reasonable, and it will be "home" for a few months for us!  Also, I have been cooking up a storm for the first time in nearly a year.  So far I have made pizza, banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, granola, yogurt, and curried shrimp with rice.
The only thing that is missing is a Christmas tree but real trees are SO expensive here!!!  So we will hang up some Christmas cards and call it good for this year.  Now I need to get my Christmas shopping done!!!


  1. It's wonderful that you have a home for the holidays and beyond. It looks so nice. I love that tile floor, the area rug and the giant clock!

  2. Its great that you get to do almost a test drive of space with having the condo. I know one of my friends from school lives in Arizona and they got a fake tree a few years ago because the trees are so expensive.

    I am glad you are ending the year on a great note!

  3. I like your new place. You obviously have an eye for decorating.

    About how much do trees cost there? I'm just curious. I live in North Dakota and we can go to Minnesota and cut one down for about $15 to $20. I think that may even be on the high side.

  4. We once put ribbon on the wall in the shape of a tree.
    I really like your place. When your "number of bedrooms" gets out of hand- remind yourself of the electricity bill to cool "stuff" in the summer!

  5. Hi Lorraine, We love the tile floor. We have always had carpet but in hot areas where there is blowing sand, tile is definitely the better alternative so we will make this a requirement in our next place. The area rug was left by the cousin and since it matched everything so well, we kept it. The clock was from Ikea (we LOVE Ikea for cheap, cool looking decor!).
    Hi Judy, we too are really happy to get to "try" a place before actually buying. NOw that we are so settled, hubby commented this morning that maybe we should stay here longer than a few months! I think he just doesn't like moving!
    Hi ND, we drove by a few tree stands and they look to be starting at $39.95. In Washington we can get a $5 permit and cut one down ourselves in the forest. Oh, and the hubby does ALL of the decorating! I just buy stuff I like and he organizes it all so it looks good :)
    Hi Janette, the ribbon is a GREAT idea! That way we can make it look festive without the tree and boxes of decorations. And yes, we definitely have talked about buying the smallest place possible because it sounds like the cost of air conditioning a large house--even though the houses themselves are so cheap here--can get pretty outrageous in the summer!

  6. Ooohhhh... LOVE that area rug! That's just awesome! So glad you're happy & feeling at home!! :)