Saturday, August 25, 2012

An Update In (Of Course) Ten Points

Because I can't write without bullet points...

  1. Finally the car got registered (besides the stuff I noted in my last post we also got to pay a small fine for having an expired--by two days--registration, and got to drive the car 100 miles through the pouring rain--and flash floods--to finish the "fix" for an O2 sensor).
  2. I saw this post and thought it was a cool idea (I'm always fascinated by radical ways to save money).
  3. I'm hammering away on my book and am about 90% done!  Now I need to figure out how CreateSpace works.
  4. I may give this new cell service a try.  It's well reviewed and looks interesting.
  5. My friends will be here from Japan on Wednesday.  Their first stop will be Disneyland and LA tomorrow.  I still have no idea how to keep teenage boys entertained for five days.
  6. This Las Vegas Urban Race sounds to talk hubby into being my partner for the race!
  7. One task for next week (in addition to the book and the guests) will be to get our Wills and Power of Attorney papers updated.  Fortunately we can get this done for free at our local military base.  It's been about ten years since we have done this and in that time we have bought and sold assets so it's past time to get this done.
  8. Another task for next week is to figure out what to do about my webhosting situation.  I have about a half dozen websites and have had a really great webhost for the past ten years but they just raised their rates by 500%!  Suggestions for a cheaper yet still good webhosting company will be much appreciated.
  9. I can't wait until the election in the fall.  Not because we will get to vote in a new president (I think our two options are basically the same) but because that will stop the political attack ads. Ugh. They drive me batty.
  10. I've been slacking on the genealogy research because I have been focusing so much attention on the book.  I will pick this up again in a few weeks.
I hope you're having a wonderful (relaxing!) weekend!


  1. I wonder if the boys are into comic books, animation, maybe take them to some comic book stores, or just show them the sites. Have they been to your area before? Oh and let them sleep until lunch time, that would make them happy!!!


    1. Great ideas! They have never been out of Japan and are around 20 years old. I did stay at their house when I was there and noticed they didn't wake up until noon so that's definitely part of my plan. Hubby said to just leave them on the Strip and they will be entertained!

  2. My last post was a ten point bullet list a la April! I'm thinking of doing it every Friday.

    So who is your webhost that raised their rates by 500%? My daughter uses Hostmonster and is fairly happy with it. I hope it's not them!

    CreateSpace should be fairly easy for someone as computer savvy as you. ;-)

  3. I will definitely check out Hostmonster. I have Webhero and they have been great but their "free" hosting plan jumped from $25 a year to $150 a year (of course I have had this plan for nearly ten years and the price never went up til now so I have probably been pretty lucky with the pricing). Thanx for the info!

    1. $25??? Yes, you were lucky! Hostmonster is about $100 a year.