Sunday, August 26, 2012

Five More Things I Forgot to Mention Yesterday

I was so tired of typing yesterday that I forgot a few things in yesterday's post...

  1. We made our own foamy soap thanks to Google.  Hubby told me to write 'foamy soap' on our shopping list.  We get it from the $1 store and he uses it for shaving and $1 isn't expensive at all but I remembered that I saw a recipe for this soap online so I Googled it and we were able to make a bottle of foamy soap for pennies.  All you do is take your foamy soap dispenser, add a tablespoon of liquid hand soap (we buy these big refills for our liquid soap dispensers at the $1 store as well), fill the rest of the dispenser up with warm water, shake, use.  So simple and SO cheap!
  2. My favorite shaving lotion (for my legs) is hair conditioner that I buy from the $1 store.  It works really well and is a lot cheaper than buying special shaving soap.
  3. We have adopted a homeless man.  We noticed a guy had built a shelter in a vacant lot on a road we travel every day and gave him some bottled water a couple of times.  Now hubby brings him food nearly every other day when we drive by (usually leftovers as hubby cooks big meals each night and we can't finish all of the leftovers).  And water of course.  I have worked with the homeless before and they often have so many difficult issues (substance abuse, mental health issues, lack of job skills, etc) that it is hard to "fix" their problems but at least keeping people fed meets a basic need and it is better than just handing money to panhandlers.
  4. Our new neighbor is a mystery.  We finally met our next door neighbor just as she and her husband were selling their house and moving out.  A couple weeks later the new owner moved in but it was kind of odd...we didn't notice them actually move in (no moving van, no furniture delivery, no mad scramble to get all of their stuff into their new house like we did when we moved in), we have seen them leave their house once (at least their car was exiting their garage but the windows were so darkly tinted we didn't actually see them), and they immediately installed a high tech security system (based on the new sign in their yard from the security company).  Hubby wondered what they were protecting if they didn't move anything into their house!  Interesting...
  5. I like news aggregators so I don't have to hunt all over the internet for topics that I want to learn about.  AllTop is a great aggregator and covers hundreds of topics.  This is the link to their Frugality aggregator page.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Thanks for that link. We are retired AF and once lived in Henderson, NV. I well remember the hassle of getting everything registered in that state. We also had similiar neighbors to yours. They did tell us good by when we left. Never did say welcome!! Toni