Wednesday, December 12, 2012

10 Things I'm Doing Right Now

Right now, I am...

  1. Working. A lot.  I thought I would work at the store through the Christmas season.  What started out as a three day a week gig is now up to five days a week.  How people can work this hard every day is beyond me.  Or maybe I am just a wimp.  But I am not complaining, there is a cruise with our name on it (and a bill for the cruise with my name on it so I will take all the hours I can get!).
  2. Freezing cold.  Our nice, hot Vegas weather is now 30 degrees at night. Burrr.
  3. I made my list of 2013 goals.  I know, I know, I suck at reaching my goals but this time of year puts me in the mood to set goals.  Maybe because New Years is coming up and New Years equate to new goals.
  4. I also moved my blog over to my website to host.  I've tried Blogger for my blog (my other blog, not this one), Tumblr, back to Blogger, and back to Tumblr so now I will see what happens with hosting it with my other website.  tldr; my blogs should come with GPS so people can keep track of them.
  5. I'm getting massive amounts of spam on my Blogger blogs.  Don't know why but I do know the spam filter isn't catching it.
  6. I am knee-deep in genealogy research.  Among my latest finding: my 10th+ great grandmother Mary Staples and her daughter were accused of witchcraft in the 1600s (two things are interesting here: one, the psychic "6th sense" things runs strong on this side of the family, it always has, and two, I thought it was funny that the article says she may have been accused because she was always one to speak her mind, another trait that runs strongly on that side of the family!).  Also, I love it when I type in the name of an ancestor (this is my 12th+ great grandfather in this case) and get a full report all laid out for me!
  7. I made sugar cookies yesterday.  Sugar cookies also equate with the Christmas season.
  8. We are deciding what to do for Christmas (probably eat at a restaurant as the family is still in the Philippines) and New Years (probably not go to the Strip again, last year was one time too many).
  9. I've decided that hubby shouldn't shop without me.  Since I was working today I told him to go to the Goodwill by himself (it's half off day for seniors).  And be brought home a ton of crap.  I told him we already sold all of our crap once, I don't want to have to do it again but he is a packrat and he loves to find good deals.  We WILL NOT end up on she show 'Hoarders'.  I also told him that.  I don't think he got the message.
  10. I've got to mail off my Christmas gifts to my friends in Japan tomorrow.  I tried to buy all small, light weight gifts so it won't cost an arm and a leg to mail.  
That's my week so far...


  1. Funny how a part time job ends up being almost full time. That's quite an impressive goals list for one year. I would think it would take the rest of my life to do all that!

  2. I agree the spam filter sucks at the moment, but at least it sort of works!!!

    Don't let dh go shopping on his own either...LOL


  3. You're having a great week by the sounds of it, minus hubbys over-shopping! lol!! I'm still getting weird posts from you sometimes that aren't your posts... are you switching this blog over as well?

  4. Carla--I will be keeping this blog here. It just seems to fit best on Blogger (aside from the random moments of Spanish...).
    Gil--good idea, something I just learned :)
    Lorraine--You know how well I achieve my goals :I But at least it gives me something to shoot for!