Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tales from the Trenches and Other Stuff

I haven't had much to post here because I have been working nearly every day.  Even working just five hours a day really takes a big chunk out of my day (which is a good thing because then I don't shop or go out and otherwise spend money).  Here's what's been happening at work:
  • The people I work with are great.  I realized this yesterday.  I have two bosses, one is an old Russian lady who will say approximately three words per day and even then it seems like she is squeezing her words out between clamped teeth, and another is a big, mean-looking black lady who you can hear all the way across the store.  They are both gruff but nice which I realized is soooo much better than the executives and PhDs I had been working with for the past decade.  I mean, if these people don't like you, you will know it immediately (and loudly and probably in an X rated fashion).  This is a good thing.  I have always hated it when people I worked with were oh so nice to someone and the minute that someone stepped away they would be so caustically vicious about the person that it made me wonder what they said about me when I walked away.  These are the kind of people I grew up with so I am happily in my comfort zone!
  • A skinny little 15 year old guy came in a couple of days ago and bought 21 pregnancy tests.  I try not to comment on what people buy but this one was a challenge.  I wanted to ask WHY? Why why why???
  • We seem to have a lot of financially savvy visitors to Vegas that come into the store and make a haul on snack food, paper plates, soda, etc.  I realized why they did this yesterday when a few people in line were comparing what they bought and both said the stuff was going back to their hotel rooms because they weren't paying the marked up prices that the hotel charges for drinks and snacks.  Smart!
  • This year's theme for little girl's birthday parties--the pricess party.  Nearly everyday a mom and her little girl will come in and end up leaving with the makings of a pricess party--purple balloons, pink streamers, princess dolls, and princess themed everything else.  I haven't seen a trend for little boys.
And other stuff:
  • Hubby is defeating the purpose of me working, kind of.  I mean he spends his own money and the money I earn is going towards a cruise but now that I am at the Dollar Store nearly every day so is  He loves the Dollar Store anyway but I pointed out that he can spend what it takes me five hours to earn in about 15 minutes.  Eeekk
  • Hubby took me out to a nice steak and lobster dinner last night after work which was really nice of him.  It was a promo so each of our meals cost $7.11 but with his comps from playing at the casino it was actually free.  Nice hubby!
  • Finally, I have been emailing back and forth with a distant cousin for a couple of months.  She is an elderly lady that I literally haven't seen in decades but she got my email address when she ran into my sister and we have been corresponding since.  I asked her a question about her grandmother for my genealogy research not expecting much because her grandmother died before she was even born but she said she would send me some things.  A couple of days ago I got a big packet full of pictures from the late 1800s/early 1900s and a ton of information on by grandfather's side of the family which I thought would be impossible to find.  I was soooo shocked (and quite happy). So it pays to ask... BTW, that's one of the pictures up top from 1910 of my great grandparents and great great grandmother.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love the paragraph about your "gruff but nice" coworkers. I'd much rather work with those types too. At least you know where you stand with them.

    Cool old photo!

  2. I am going to tell myself that the kid's mom is struggling with infertility and he got sent to buy more HPTs.

    OR... he's doing a science fair project (in the style of

    Otherwise, lalalala, I don't want to know.