Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Looking Back--What I Accomplished in 2013

I thought that before I start making goals for 2014 (which we all know I'm not really good at keeping), I would look back on the things I had accomplished in 2013 (which would have been easier if I hand't deleted my annual goal list in a fit of angst).  So after wracking my brain, I came up with these things I have accomplished over the past year--and there aren't many things! :(

  1. I walked a marathon.  This is the second time I finished a marathon and by mile 24 I am always telling myself what an idiot I am for torturing myself like that but I am too stubborn not to finish even though my feet are killing me.
  2. I went to a reddit meet up.  I remember this was on my goal list and I had never done such a thing before and hubby thought I was crazy ("you want to meet up with people you don't even know and you aren't even very social in the first place???") but it was interesting and I am glad I pushed myself to do it.
  3. I put together a family reunion for my side of the family.  This is the first time this had been done in over 20 years (and no one got stabbed!  And I am only half kidding!).  It was...interesting.
  4. We went to LA and sat in the audience of a talk show.  We had never done something like this before and I was excited to go and Jeff Probst was great (unfortunately his show only lasted one season).
  5. We went to a Cirque du Soleil show which was a big deal because we NEVER spend much money on shows and this was the most expensive show we have ever gone to and although we won't do this often (maybe ever again?) it was a great experience.
  6. We sent a box of books and school supplies to a school in the Philippines (which was really appreciated by the teachers and students and much needed as the school is very poor).
  7. I volunteered at a national genealogy conference held in Las Vegas--it was really fun and really interesting!
  8. I worked at the World Series of Poker which was on my goal list because I thought it would be interesting.  It was.
  9. I somehow ended up with a steady freelance gig for the past few months which looks like it will stretch into next year.
  10. We did a no spend (actually a low spend) month and actually stuck with it for the entire month!
Wow this year has really flown by!

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