Sunday, September 10, 2017

How I Saved $155 on a Car Key

A while back hubby lost his keys.  It would have been no big deal, except for the time it would take to get some keys copied, but one of the keys he lost was to his van and this key is one of those electronic-transponder keys (read very expensive to replace).  I called a car locksmith and the verdict was $180 for them to make a new car key.  Ugh.

But this being 2017, I went hunting (online, not like really hunting) for a DIY way to replace the key mostly to save money because $180 for a key is ridiculous.  I found several websites that said it was totally possible to make your own transponder car key so I:

  1. Went to Amazon and found the key blanks for sale.  I made sure the keys had a lot of good reviews so that I knew it was at least possible this would actually work.  Total cost for keys $10 for two.
  2. Got the keys in the mail and took them to a big box store and asked then to cut the key by copying my original key to the van.  The guy said he couldn't do it because the key had a transponder in it.  I was bummed.
  3. I then went across the road to a home improvement store.  The guy there said they didn't usually cut car keys but on the screen he could opt for "no transponder" and it would copy the key but they wouldn't be responsible if it didn't work.  I was more than happy to agree as at least the key would fit into the ignition and it if didn't work I would only be out $15 total so it was worth a shot.  Total cost to get the keys cut $5.
  4. I took the keys home and quickly programmed them following the instructions that came with the keys (basically put in the original key, turn the car on and off, insert the new key and wait 30 seconds then try to turn it on).
  5. And it worked!!!  I quickly programmed both new keys and they have worked without any issues since.
Total saved: $155!

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  1. That is very impressive. I had no idea it was possible.