Sunday, January 7, 2018

10 Ways We Save Money Living in Las Vegas

Having lived in Las Vegas for more than five years now, we have found several ways to make our money go further here...

  1. Our library system is amazing.  I have literally downloaded thousands of free e-books from the library since we moved here.  Our library also has free entertainment events (we've watched everything from brass bands to Highland dancers to wonderful lectures), free movies we can borrow, free music we can much free stuff!
  2. Until a month ago we enjoyed free over-the-air HD TV.  Since the entirety of the city is a bowl-shaped valley, nearly everyone is in line of sight of all of the major TV broadcasters here.  That means that you can buy a $20 OTA antenna and enjoy more than 50 free stations.  For us, however, our internet price recently increased to $65 a month but if we got a package of internet plus basic cable the price would be $60 per month (??) which is what we now have.
  3. There is free entertainment everywhere.  At its most basic, we can walk down the famous Las Vegas Strip or Fremont area and be entertained watching people but there is so much more free entertainment here from rodeo events (at the Southpoint Arena) to live bands (Fremont Experience), free community events (parades, watching the Las Vegas marathon, etc), and free volunteer opportunities (ie: volunteer at a major event like the Electric Daisy Carnival and get free passes for the rest of the event).
  4. There are so many discount shopping opportunities!  From the 99 Cent Store (everything is 99 cents including produce, dairy, food, toiletries, decor, etc) to the Goodwill (we have amazing Goodwill stores here since the people donating are from all over the world!) to every cheap chain restaurant (love In N Out Burger) to Ikea.
  5. Driving can be both expensive (car insurance is not cheap here and annual registration is based on the car's value) yet very inexpensive (I used to drive 30,000+ miles a year but Las Vegas is a very compact city--plus we no longer work--so I now drive about 8,000 miles a year which means less gas and less wear and tear).
  6. There is no state income tax.  This would be a better thing if we were still high income earners but no state income tax is a savings for people who live here.  Note that you really need to look at overall tax burden to see if a no income tax state is your best bet when it comes to taxes.
  7. Travel to and from Vegas is dirt cheap.  We once took the Megabus to Los Angeles for 50 cents!  Since Las Vegas is both a national and international travel destination there are lots of cheap flights to and from Vegas--we can go to Asia for less than $500 round trip and round trip flights to New York and other US destinations is usually less than $99 each way.
  8. The city caters to both retirees and military members.  We receive a discount on our car registration each year because hubby is retired military, there are $4 movies for seniors at many theaters, free buffets for military members at the casino each Veterans and Memorial Day, free walking and hiking clubs, etc.
  9. Utilities are pretty cheap here.  I still haven't figured out why our water bill in Seattle, where there is water everywhere, was $40 per month yet our water bill here in Vegas is $25 per month.  Garbage removal, sewer, power, and natural gas are also pretty inexpensive.
  10. Casino comps are a real thing.  Hubby likes to play poker (with a small allowance each month to do so) but for each hour he plays, he is given $1 in comps by the casino which can be used in the casino's restaurants, gift shops, etc.  We almost always eat free in every restaurant we go to using comps.

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