Saturday, January 20, 2018

Should You Get Amazon Prime?

Today I came across this article 'Is Amazon Prime Worth It?' and I think for us, it is.  Maybe.  I've had an Amazon Prime membership off and on over the past few years, mostly because hubby likes to watch movies and Amazon offers a lot of movies that he can watch for free that are different than what he can find on Netflix.  Also, Amazon was the first streaming service to allow the download of free movies to watch when you are offline which came in pretty handy when we traveled a lot.

Since I haven't been shopping online (or anywhere else for that matter) since the end of last year, their "free two day shipping" isn't as much of a draw as it was when when I resubscribed prior to the last holiday season.  Amazon Prime is $99 a year (they also have monthly plans) which is about $8 a month.  For us I think that the price is well worth it just for the movies hubby watches each month (a lot!).  If you buy things from Amazon you can easily recoup the $8 a month fee just from free shipping (although you need to be careful, some items that qualify for free prime shipping cost more than the same item sold through a third party that don't qualify for free shipping).

There are also deals for Prime members such as Amazon Prime Day (never tried it), free sample boxes (you pay for the sample box then get the same amount as a credit for a future order), free ebooks to download (haven't tried this as my library keeps me up to my ears in free e-books), and a bunch of other benefits.

So whether or not Amazon Prime is a good deal for you, depends on how you will use it.  If Netflix works for you, you rarely order from Amazon, and don't need and free e-books, it probably isn't worth it.  If, however, you can recoup the $8 per month cost in movies and mailing fees, it probably is.

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