Friday, January 19, 2018

My "New" Wardrobe

I have not spent any money since December 31st.  We have bought groceries and gas for the car and that's about it.  Hubby even noted yesterday that he is surprised that I am not shopping at all (it's kind of hard for me to believe too!).  So since I am not buying anything (with the caveat that I can shop at the Goodwill but we just haven't got around to it yet), today I decided to clean out my closet, unpack a box of old clothes and shoes in the garage that I was going to send to the Philippines, and reinvigorate my wardrobe.  I found a couple of tops I hadn't seen in ages, a pair of tennis shoes that I forgot I had, and a couple of pairs of pants.  All of these will now go into my clothing rotation. 

I generally go through clothes and shoes pretty fast.  I wear them for a while, get bored with them, then give them away.  Now that I am not shopping for a year, I decided I better make ALL of my clothes continue working for me so I don't need to buy any more!

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