Thursday, January 18, 2018

Should You Get a Costco Membership?

We made a run to Costco today so I could use up a gift card before it expired.  We usually only shop at Costco to buy a few favorites in bulk butfor most things, however, the product sizes are just too big for the two of us to use before they go bad or lose their appeal. 

We used to buy a Costco membership each year and buy in bulk because we had a houseful of people to shop for.  For some years, one of my clients would give me an annual membership (a $60 value) but lately we just don't buy enough there to justify buying a membership.  Lately, my SIL has graciously given us Costco gift cards for various holidays (Christmas and birthdays) which is really nice of her and it also allows us to shop at Costco without a membership card (this is only one way people can shop at Costco without a membership card).  For those who have a big family to buy for or who like the good prices on the higher quality items Costco sells, a membership may be a great deal.  For us, there are only a few items we like to get there...

...I love the really cheap bulk oatmeal which I use for cereal, to make granola, to make energy bars, to make oatmeal cookies, and to make oat flour.

...and I LOVE their toilet paper--this stuff is the best!

...we also like to buy dried beans in bulk (per serving this is a great price!), large size spices, 50 pound bags of rice, etc.

...I took a picture of this giant bag of popcorn which was the size of a toddler.  We didn't buy it, I was just surprised at how huge it was!

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