Monday, March 26, 2018

10 Things to Check Every Year

Here are then things that I make a note to check once a year:

  1. My annual credit report (to make sure the information is correct)
  2. Cell phone plans (these change so often I want to make sure I have the best deal)
  3. Car insurance rates (I shop around at least once a year to make sure I have the best rate)
  4. House insurance rates (I shop this at least once a year and get both individual prices as well as the price when bundled with car insurance)
  5. Cable TV/internet rates (these rate plans change quite often too)
  6. Interest rates (if they fall dramatically I would consider refinancing my house/car/credit cards)
  7. Health indicators (blood pressure, blood glucose level, cholesterol levels, weight, etc)
  8. Maintenance issues (scheduled car maintenance, change furnace filters, other home maintenance as needed)
  9. Update credit card info (for services I use with auto billing such as Amazon, my web hosting company, etc)
  10. Annual bills (I make sure to get a county tax discount on my annual car registration, I pay our HOA fees bi annually, I check our property tax to make sure its accurate, etc) 

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