Saturday, March 10, 2018

Smashed Potatoes

I am trying to cook at home more.  We tend to eat out a lot because #1 we are hardly ever home, and #2 nearly every restaurant we go to is free thanks to hubby's comps.  I am also trying to bring lunch and snacks with us so we aren't eating out every meal each day.  Restaurant food is generally not very good for us (lots of oil, salt and sugar added to make it taste good) and it just gets kind of yuck day after day.  So now I watch cooking TV shows and it gives me ideas of things to make for the next day.  A couple of days ago I watched Martha Stewart and she made smashed potatoes (something I've never made before), I looked up the recipe, and made them for dinner tonight.  They were super easy to make, they tasted great, and hubby loved them!  My message today is to try cooing something new at home.  There are so many places to find recipes online, you can save a lot of money cooking at home, and it is kind of cool to experiment with food!

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