Thursday, April 5, 2018

Paying for Home Repairs

This morning we had a guy come over to replace all of the wax rings around the toilets in our house as they have probably been there since the house was built and one toilet was feeling a bit unstable so it was time to get this done.  Now any other time, the hubby and I would have just done the work ourselves but we are getting old, hubby has a bad back, and with his recent heart surgery, any heavy work is a definite no way (on my part, his doctor says he is fine now but still).  So instead of the job costing $10 for us to do it ourselves, we are paying $40 per toilet (x 3) to have a professional do it.  The price is not bad as one plumber said it would cost $200 per toilet (??!!!) so finding someone to do the job for a total of $120 is definitely a good deal but this is just one more thing that you have to account for as you age--needing to pay people to do things that in your younger days you would have just done yourself!


  1. We changed over to our summer tires today and paid a professional to do it. $10 a worth paying someone else to do it :) We do other things we still can and save money a bunch of different ways but sometimes it is much better to get the right people to do it.