Friday, April 6, 2018

Toilet Fix Part #2

So after the guy got done with the toilet wax ring install yesterday (basically pick up the toilet and take the old wax ring off then replace it with a new wax ring, reset the toilet over the drain, then screw it back into the flange x 3), the installer told me the innards of the toilets should be replaced as well (the really hard water in our area makes the plastic parts inside the toilet get crunchy after a while, and these parts have been in the toilets for years).  This part we could do, so hubby an I ran to the hardware store and bought three sets of toilet innards (flapper and flush assembly set for $10 each), then set to work fixing the toilets.  After watching a couple YouTube videos, reading the instructions (who knew the flush assembly had changed so much over the years, there isn't even a floaty ball part anymore!), and having a minor water mess (put a BIG bowl under the flush assembly!), we easily replaced the innards of all three toilets thus saving a bit of extra money over having the job done by someone else.  These days if the work is heavy (like lifting an entire toilet) or dangerous (climbing up the the second story roof) we hire it done.  Simple jobs, however, we are still happy to do ourselves!

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