Saturday, June 30, 2018

10 Radical Ways to Save Money

There are simple ways to save money, complicated ways to save money, and radical ways to save money.  Here are some of the more radical ways you can save money...

  1. Use a menstrual cup which can save a woman thousands over the course of a lifetime.
  2. Live in your vehicle while you attend college.
  3. Get rid of your car and live car-free.
  4. Use a bidet instead of toilet paper.
  5. Cut cable all together and watch over-the-air TV.
  6. Cut your own hair as well as your SO's and kid's hair.
  7. Always cook/make your beverages at home instead of hitting up restaurants and coffee shops.
  8. Downsize your home/possessions.  If you can move to a low cost of living area when you do this you can save even more.
  9. Shop for all of your needs (food, toiletries, etc) only once a month.
  10. Water down liquid soaps and shampoos--you usually can't tell the difference between full-strength and the watered down stuff.


  1. 1,2 no need now
    3 no public transportation
    5 done for years
    6 for years
    7,8 done
    9 shop for food as it is on sale, toiletries monthly

    10 use little and am alone

    In all things, mostly, I am as frugal as possible for a person to be.

  2. I think the only radical one, and it's not even radical, it's stupid, is 2. I did #3 for a good while. It's not at all uncommon in a place like Boston or NYC. 4 is commonplace in Europe. #9 isn't necessarily money saving--it might prevent you from taking advantage of loss leader prices.