Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Frugal Wedding

I came across this article in my feed reader today and it brought back plenty of memories.  I think our wedding years ago cost around $150!  Here's the story of our frugal wedding...

I don't even really remember a proposal (either does hubby) so I guess we just kind of decided to get married one day.  We told our friends at the bowling alley that we were going to Vegas to get married and a couple people said "just have it here" so we did.  The whole thing was planned and organized in a matter of days.  A week earlier a friend's wedding fell through so she donated all of her wedding decorations, I bought a dress for $20 at the mall that, like in the article, was white and looked enough like a wedding dress that it worked fine.  Hubby wore a regular suit that he already had.  We bought cheap, simple gold wedding bands, bought a cake from the local grocery store, friends brought food for a potluck, we found a minister in the newspaper who performed weddings for $50, hubby's sons were in elementary school and were just learning to play instruments in band class so they were the musicians, friends took pictures, and other friends brought some bottles of champagne.  In the middle of hubby's bowling league everyone stopped bowling, we stepped out on the lanes with the minister, got married, then everyone resumed bowling.  Since we were new in town the bowling alley at the military base was about the only place we knew anyone anyway, it was the perfect place to have a frugal and fun wedding!

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