Thursday, July 12, 2018

10 Things from Today

It's been a busy, odd day around here...

  1. I always look for free things for us to do to entertain ourselves so today we set out in search of the world's largest working fire hydrant and found it in downtown Las Vegas!
  2. It's monsoon season and the rain and flooding continues (fortunately not in our immediate area though).
  3. The Build-a-Bear promo was crazy here (as well as other places around the nation).
  4. I was in my usual "work place" at a downtown casino today (it's an out-of-the-way corner with comfy chairs and free wi fi) and a pimp tried to hit on me.  Seriously? I'm like 20 years older than you and a hundred years smarter...go away.  It's a common thing in Las Vegas.
  5. A former NBA player was arrested for cheating in a casino today.  I've seen how efficient and effective high-level casino security is and it is pretty amazing to see them work.
  6. Some guy in downtown Las Vegas tried to attack people with a pickax this morning.  Homeless people here are five kinds of crazy.
  7. Our casinos are being taken over by robots.
  8. Some guy launched himself off a high floor of a casino and landed in their pool to commit suicide a couple days ago.  The weird part about this is that suicides rarely ever make the news in Las Vegas (it's a known thing that negative news is covered up here).
  9. I wrote to the Ellen Show today to see if she could help the lady I told you about a few days ago pay her medical debt (also so she doesn't have to work 90 hours a week while fighting cancer!).  It's probably a million to one odds of being chosen but it's worth a try!  
  10. Tonight I am looking forward to "Little Big Shots" on TV.  It's a fun, happy, non political show with amazing little kids (just the kind of happiness we all need more of!).

1 comment:

  1. Lot's of interesting low cost and free things if we keep our eyes and ears open. I hope Ellen sees your letter.