Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Back to "Normal"

With no more work, my schedule is back to normal!  We hit all of our regular stops today, beginning with the Goodwill (40% off for military on Wednesday) where I found some super cute running skirts for $2.50 each (instead of $40 at a regular store), then the casino buffet for lunch (free with comps), hubby's weekly bowling league, and the grocery store (gotta love the 99 cent store where everything we buy is 99 cents so we made a haul of mostly produce).

While I was working, my friend in Japan sent me some green tea (she said it would help me relax) and some other small gifts so yesterday I bought her and her family some small gifts at the outlet mall and mailed them today.  It cost $25 just to mail a small padded envelope with four small Kipling wallets in it!  eeekkk  I definitely need to find a way to send gift cards or something as mailing costs are getting crazy high these days!

So my home is clean, my to do list is done, and we are back to our regular schedule....yeah!

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