Saturday, August 25, 2018

10 Things We DON'T Want to Own

Looking at the stuff other people own, we often wonder if we should or shouldn't buy a new item that we had never felt the need for before.  Some of the things on our DO NOT NEED list include:

  1. Alexa/Google Home/etc things that will listen to you and respond.  They seem very intrusive and if I need to know the weather or turn on music I would rather hop on my computer and do it myself.
  2. Video games.  We have never played video games (well maybe some years ago at an arcade we played Asteriods...) so there is no need for an expensive console and multiple (expensive) game cartridges.
  3. Smart watch.  I love tech stuff (I think a drone or 3D printer would be cool) but neither hubby nor I want a watch that tracks everything, requires a separate plan on our cell bill, etc.
  4. The 101 items people use for beauty and hygiene.  We are both pretty basic soap/shampoo people.  Meanwhile we have had guests bring cases of more than 30 items for hair, face, and body maintenance (eeekkk).  Did you know that cheap hair conditioner from the dollar store works great for shaving your legs?
  5. Fancy gym memberships or home gym equipment.  We have one good (cheap) treadmill we got on sale a few years back that hubby and I both use everyday.  Meanwhile there are things like Peloton which cost $2000 for a stationary bike PLUS a monthly membership fee!
  6. Cleaning items.  Have you seen the cleaning aisle of Walmart lately?  They offer hundreds and hundreds of products to keep your home clean when a bit of bleach, vinegar, and pine cleaner can so the same job for a couple dollars a month.
  7. Fancy camera.  I take thousands of pictures each year but the camera on my cell phone works perfectly for my needs.  I'm sure professional photographers know what to do with all of the fancy lenses and adjustments on a $1000 camera but for my needs, basic is better.
  8. Big recreational items.  RVs, boats, swimming pools, jet skis, etc., we have owned some of these items in the past and they are a giant money sink that require a lot of maintenance and upkeep and which hardly ever get used.  From now on, if we need anything we will rent (or in the case of a pool, use the community aquatic center).
  9. Knick knacks and souvenirs.  You won't find any clutter in our house because we don't like it.  Cutsy things that need to be dusted, souvenirs from every place we have thanks.  We have a few nice art pieces but too much cluttery stuff is not our jam.
  10. Keurig/coffee pods.  Hubby makes his coffee every morning in an old fashioned drip coffee maker.  And he is perfectly happy with it.  Keurigs, and their specialized pods, have always seemed expensive to us and they also seem to create too much waste with those pod things.
I'm sure some of these items will be "can't live without" things for some people, but, to each their own I guess!


  1. I do agree with you. I got rid of my exercise bike, do not drink coffee, have no electronic toys, video games and such. I do have a very small camera. Only brown Lysol goes on my floors due to allergies to pine and lemon. I do use two gals of vinegar each month for various things, but no other products. The older I get, the more often I wear minimal makeup. lol...guess I maintain nothing... It is incredible what people own.

    1. I need to try using vinegar to clean stuff with. My grandmother only used natural products for cleaning (vinegar, baking soda, etc), mostly due to lack of availability back then, and her house was always really clean!

  2. My daughter has video games, not me. The only other thing on your list that I have in my house are a few cleaning products. I don't like to use bleach because it always ends up ruining my clothes. I would never get an Alexa or similar device. No way. And my makeup and hygiene products are very minimal. Very few knickknacks left and most are in a small glass wall cabinet. I have minimalized so much, it's almost scary, but I'm loving it! As for coffee, we've been using a percolator for years. No pods, no filters. Awesome coffee!

    1. I've followed your blog since you moved and downsized and it looks like you are doing great in your new area. Plus you are an AMAZING artist!!!