Thursday, August 30, 2018

Day 5 WFPB Vegan Update

For five entire days I have been 100% WFPB vegan.  I've eaten So. Much. Salad.  But I have been mixing it up with things like homemade Mexican soup for breakfast, steamed greens for dinner, and lots of wraps with whatever is leftover in the fridge for lunch (hummus and salad, hummus and black beans, etc).  I've also had quite a few smoothies with everything but the kitchen sink mixed in. 

So far I feel pretty good after having a pounding headache on day 2 and utter tiredness on day 3 but days 4 and 5 I have felt really energetic.  I also think this is a much cheaper way of eating since whole grains are really cheap to buy at the 99 Cent Store (probably even less in bulk from Costco) and buying produce in season is also really cheap.  I'm waiting for the pounds to drop of but so far...nothing :/

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